It’s just a competition to win a pair of glasses. Those are posts that are repeated when "never ending reddit" is turned on. This is fine to do, simply navigate to the original post and boost that instead. I think sometimes it was also greyed out if I tried to use it on an adjustment layer instead of the original image. 0 Recommended ... the number of greyed out blocks is the same as the number the back up stops working a,d starts spinning at. There are a lot of different reasons this might have happened, and most of them are very simple tweaks. I have boosted previous open houses. Then click the Boost Post button on the new post. Recently, some users reported the similar issue that no FaceTime option is available for contacts. Anonymous. We stand by our work! 6) In order to make that "Start verification" button clickable or working, you have to connect a Facebook app ID to your business manager account. Facebook has a form specifically for this issue, found here. When someone pastes you a Facebook link and it has 150 characters of random nonsense at the end of it, you’re looking at a click ID. Improve reach and engagement. Basically; they are scientifically proved to be inefficient and not worth boosting. Either the video you are trying to comment on has elected to block all further comments. You will need to choose your call to action, choose your audience, and choose your budget. If you see comments in violation of our community guidelines, please report them. As soon as I try responding to anything on that page, the 'color wheel' comes up and the whole site freezes, as well as any other tabs I have open. Hi Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about. Make sure to click the download link, rather than right-click save-as, to get the original resolution. Submit the post for boosting and, once it makes it through the ad approval process, it will start running as an ad. Why Does My Facebook Post Say “Boost Unavailable”? Follow the instructions and work with Facebook to have your ad account restored, if possible. Since it is essential to link the Facebook … If you have saved a draft of your post and you want to boost or promote that post, you will need to publish the post. Why do some photos show as greyed out and back up keeps spinning saying " getting ready to back up"? Instead, consider instant articles. By the way, I have an android phone and not an Apple. That image is categorized as a cover image. However, they cannot initiate a call because the FaceTime icon on contacts is greyed out… Certain types of posts can still be made on Facebook, but cannot be boosted. All of these scenarios may be in effect in the scenario above. If the rooms are still grayed out, unplug the Soundtouch device, wait 60 seconds and see if the rooms now appear. Any idea??? I tried to add it as a custom tab titled Categories in the home ribbon and it again comes over as greyed out? This is tracking code that tells Insights some information about the person who clicked the post and their behaviors after they have clicked. Typed comments will be lost if you are not logged in. Posted for an open house and it will not allow me to boost. If you want to boost a post that has expired, you will have to make another post of the same content or offer. Trying to set up the Facebook account on the iPhone 5, so you can post photos directly from the camera roll etc. It won’t be seamless, but it’s a neat way to give that impression. Log Out of Both The Apps. Q: When I log onto Facebook and click on my "Home" page, where I can see posts and comments by many of my friends, I notice the first two or three posts or comments appear normally but the ones below those are grayed out. Hey, i have been boosting the same post for one year now, but now the boost for the same post in unavailable… Facebook gives full attribution to the original poster; the only indication that you shared it is a line at the top indicating that you shared the post, so users don’t feel like they’re seeing posts from pages they didn’t follow for no reason at all. If you closed it manually, you will need to go to the ads manager and click the Reactivate button. You cannot edit a post once it has been approved as an ad without cancelling and restarting the ad with an entirely new approval process. If you saved the post as a draft because you wanted to edit it later, you will need to make any final edits before boosting the post, and publish the post before boosting it. Exact stipulations for account blocking can be found in Facebook's terms of service, which you can access by searching Facebook for "Facebook Terms of Service.". PLEASE HELP - trying to publish my products to Facebook. Thank you so much. It further seems that the option to edit photos or videos is grayed out when attempting to use the Photos app to adjust photos or videos. This is fine; Facebook doesn’t care if you duplicate a post for this purpose, so long as you’re not re-posting this same image or video over and over and over. Analysts are not able to advertise on a page. You are dynamically including a custom field, but it is grayed out. Still, when trying to "Send to Facebook" for a photo, the "Share" button/text remains frayed out. Similar research also indicates the bug appeared most often when you had Facebook open on two different tabs in the same browser window — in that the site and the browser could not handle this workload and would hang or crash as a result. Learn why some names appear in different colors in a Facebook group you admin. Choose a duration for your ad, pick a payment method, and fill out any other fields. Go to your Facebook Page. I’ll list all of the reasons why your ability to boost might be disabled, and what you can do about it. The Martin County Commission on Tuesday, May 9, 2017, unanimously voted to implement a policy that forbids county commissioners from using personal email and social media accounts to discuss public business. This includes cases where you set an image or video as your cover image, but then changed your cover image again. If you’re not able to make that offer again, you will not be able to boost a post with that offer. Once the custom field has content, … The Wrong Type of Post. So no one can comment on that video. It’s up to the brand that posted it to boost it. Different roles have different capabilities. I have uploaded the same competition 3 times to our business page, purely because it won’t boost. Some kinds of posts can be set to have a specific shelf life. Coincidentally, a friend of mind recently said she got a "friend request" from me on Facebook that she knew wasn't from me (since we already were friends on Facebook), so she reported it to Facebook. Instead, create the ad as a scheduled ad with a start date later down the line. You as a brand can share your own posts on your own timeline to give them another round of circulation. If you want to boost a live video or a scheduled video, you will either have to get yourself verified, or you will have to convert the video into a normal video. It's OK to disagree with someone's ideas, but personal attacks, insults, threats, hate speech, advocating violence and other violations can result in a ban. This can happen due to unusual activity, or because you closed it manually. Thanks, Loz For example, if you said “marijuana” or “abortion” or some sort of sensitive word that is on a list, it might automatically tell you that you’re not able to promote that post. That means any posts someone else made on your page, even if you made it as the account owner, can’t be promoted. State Road 60 crash critically injures Vero Beach man, 47, COVID: Dec. 1 cases, deaths & hospitalizations, Death row inmate Andrew Gosciminski dies in prison, Vero Beach High among state's highest for COVID-19 cases, Gordy Road Bridge will be replaced in 2021, Jensen Beach $16.5 million lotto ticket unclaimed, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. My post also have “Boost Unavailable” but doesn’t fit in any of these categories. Why are some of the links within the sitemap greyed out? Some of the comments on my Facebook page have a darker background (grayed out) than the others and the X button is always showing. Are there another reasons this might be? however in settings, Facebook and twitter are both greyed out! All campaigns are guaranteed for life. Unapproved postings or comments also appear grayed out until they have been cleared for publication. no like-gating, no like and share, just comment). If you want to boost a post that contains a note, or the note itself, you will need to create a new post on your wall that itself contains the content of the note. If your page is unpublished, it means the page and all of its contents are visible only to people who have a role with the page. Sometimes a simple solution such as logging out will fix Facebook and Instagram issues. Rather, grayed out posts or comments found on Facebook tend to mean the comments or posts in question have been made by a person who has has been blocked or banned by Facebook. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. In some cases your ad account will be disabled. If the post you’re trying to boost is your cover photo or cover video, you will not be able to boost it. Here are a few steps you can try on your own before scheduling a service call. There's no contract with our service; you can cancel at any time for any reason. Thank you for your information it was really helpful, I would like to ask you as well. First, turn your phone with the Soundtouch app off, wait 30 seconds, and turn the phone back on and see if the rooms are no longer grayed out. As you mentioned "serious photographers". Then this is the site for you. This might happen after some number of comments were already added. Could this have anything to do with it? i have a dps monk and i noticed the greyed out stat when i was lvling my monk up and because i am a returning player i have no idea what it is and i noticed it swaps with agility when u change ur spec to mistwalker and my question is, can i use my current gear to heal or not? Make sure you have valid payment information added to Facebook, or else you will stall out at the budget step. If you'd like to make changes to your campaign, simply email us, and we'll do our best to make it happen for you. Running Facebook ads is a great way to get more reach and engagement on your posts, more followers for your page, and more hits on your landing pages. In fact, do not boost a post made by another brand at all, no matter how much it benefits your audience or your brand. You cannot boost a post if the URL you are trying to boost has a click ID attached to it. Facebook recommends that, if you want to boost a shared post, you create a new post with the original content and boost that post. Grayed out posts could indicate a problem with the content. It states because it is attached to an event? If you would like to create an ad that runs at a later date, do not do this through the drafts system. A link has been sent to your friend's email address. I have to then shut down my browser and restart it in order to continue working. 2. If you’ve been trying to convert a Facebook page post into an ad via the boost post button, or by boosting the post through the ads system or Power Editor, you might encounter a case where you see Boost Unavailable. If you ran an offer and that offer has expired, you will need to make another version of that offer. These roles are: Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst, Job Manager, User, and Banned. This behavior is noticed both in SharePoint online and on-premise. When you share a post on Facebook, that post is shared on your timeline, but it is still a post from the person who initially posted it. Make sure the page is completely filled out and ready to be public before making it public. It appears that some users run into problems using the built-in Photos app. Interested in the inner workings of the human body? One trick you can try to get around this is to record the first few minutes of a livestream, save it, and use that as a video to boost. Sometimes, something goes wrong, and your ability to run ads is diminished or stopped completely. Videos, for example, can have an expiration date set on them. Facebook has clarified that the comment was blocked due to some features in their algorithm, which is used to block spammers. Any idea why? Copyright © 2020 In the case of a scheduled video, simply publish the video and boost it. Developed by biologists in 2013, the destination uses state-of-the-art 3D technology to bring to live a digital version of the human body, complete with organs, veins, nerves, muscles and more. Should I contact Facebook and ask them to help restore or do you know what I can do to restore it. Like, I'll see some people have commented on a picture or something, but there's only the grayed out picture that appears when the person doesn't have a profile pic, and their name is grayed out and isn't click-able. They are in the process of trying to find out what exactly in the controversial comment caused the spam blocker to get triggered. Believe it or not, Facebook has some restrictions on the posts you can promote. To help display only the most valuable content on your Page, automatic spam filters mark comments that have been detected as spam. Outlook 2016 custom ribbon- Categories greyed out I am in Outlook 2016 , new to me and wondering why Categories wasn't immediately available in Tags on the Home Tab? Consider it a terrific resource for anyone interested in how the human body operates. Unfortunately, you will not be able to boost a post while the video is live. Message 1 of 4 (8,099 Views) Reply. If you don’t have the original, you can download the version from Facebook to use. That's our guarantee. Now, don’t panic. Your post can be directed at seniors, but be careful not to isolate them with the word “other.” For more advice on abiding by the personal attributes policy, read it here. If you want to boost that post, you will need to find the original permalink for the post, or create a new post with the same content. If you only have featured images for some of your posts, you can verify this is working by previewing one of those posts in the template editor. Solved! Some of these make sense, I guess, but an up-to-date useable user manual that explains things would help with the frustration. Hi Shane, there’s a possibility it contains some keywords that triggered an algorithm flag, which made it not promotable. These kinds of posts are not useful to your audience once they have expired, so they cannot be boosted. All rights reserved. You may have seen certain live videos or scheduled videos being boosted the instant they are published, but you are unable to do the same to your own videos. I have looked at lots of posts about lost folders but they don't seem to match my problem. As with the other examples, the field does not have any content, so you will need to go to the posts or pages in question and add content to the custom field. To determine if you are in multiuser mode just look in the bottom right hand corner of the company file. If you are using Premium or Quantum files where multi user setups are possible, this can cause many fields in sage 50 settings or records to be grayed out. In addition to these guidelines, Facebook also applies several automatic SPAM filters to content posted to weed out unwanted comments by third-party entities. Write your caption or description for your new post and click to share it. Everything has been approved but the PUBLISH button is greyed out on the Facebook Shop Publishing page. At that point, the person behind the posts usually has his or her account locked for a set amount of time, which can range from one hour to one year, though in some instances the ban can last longer than that. If it was closed for another reason, you will need to contact Facebook ad support. Can you provide any help?— Virginia Nygard, Port St. LucieA: According to research on Facebook, there was a bug in Facebook that caused browsers on Mac machines, or by Safari users, to hang. If you were to boost a post with a click ID attached to it, your Insights for that post would be skewed; all tracked data would essentially come from one user, thus making your demographics, click data, and behavior data entirely incorrect. If I try to import the photos again, Lightroom has them all listed and greyed out. By scrolling back through your old messages, you may stumble across greyed-out profile pictures labelled Facebook User. The Martin County Commission on Tuesday, May 9, 2017, unanimously voted to implement a policy that forbids county commissioners from using personal email and social media accounts to discuss public business. Then when i was able to post again, my posts would not allow me to boost they kept showing boost unavailable for some reasons, so i waited and its been about 2 weeks now. Users can see your page and its posts, but cannot interact with them in any way beyond likes, shares, reports, and other forms of engagement. But when I post it shows boosting unavailable. For example, if Post A is currently on page 1, but by the time you scroll down to page 2, it had been downvoted and other posts upvoted, it will appear again, but as grey. 5) Now comes the tricky part; most probably the "Start verification" button under Business verification section would be greyed out or would not work or might not be clickable. There are many more reasons why your boost could be denied: issues with video ads, target audiences, positioning, Facebook’s brands. You'll see a tooltip explaining that advertising is no longer allowed on your Page. Choose to upload the source file again. Use a link to your livestream in the caption of the video. Unfortunately, without more information on the situation itself it is difficult to diagnose further. It’s also a tremendously complicated task powered by a ton of different moving parts deep inside Facebook. is there any rule for how many times we can boost the same post…. A draft is, by definition, not the published version of a post. Look it up now! If you’ve been trying to convert a Facebook page post into an ad via the boost post button, or by boosting the post through the ads system or Power Editor, you might encounter a … The first one, we could boost but then it wasn’t approved. Unfortunately, live videos and scheduled videos can only be boosted if you’re a verified page with a blue checkmark. On the flip side, the grayed out comments are probably not caused by this bug, or by the fact that your friend reported your account as being hacked (though it couldn't hurt to follow-up on Facebook to see the status of this situation). You cannot boost posts from a page that is not published because those posts would be invisible. seo plugin-wp-seo-yoast Also is it worth changing the priority of some of the pages to achieve better seo results? According to the site's "About" page, "This interactive, medically accurate virtual body enables users to learn about anatomy, health conditions, and treatments in visual format that resembles life itself." Admins, Editors, Moderators, Advertisers, and Job Managers are all able to create and boost posts for a page, as well as create and run ads directly from the ads manager or from business manager or power editor. I know, it seems really unlike them to limit the amount of money they bring in, but there it is. If you are trying to use their work email and that email is not associated with their Facebook account, Facebook will not recognize the email and the Add button will not be an option. This isn’t ideal, as notes were designed to be longer than posts normally are, so it’s a less than ideal ad format. If your cover image or cover video is a piece of brand creative that you would like to boost, you will need to create a new post with that image or video. If I search for individual photos by filename, I get "no photos match that filter". A channel can turn these off any time after posting. As such, I cannot receive any notifications. This is a conscious choice from Facebook. This means, as you might expect, that your ability to boost that post has been disabled. What could be the issue? When you're done, select Send. The first one is that the comment was deleted and that your page hasn't refreshed yet. There are two cases where I've seen grey comments on Facebook. You can only boost it after the fact. Hi Trying out the new LR CC, and have a approved Facebook Account /LRCC listed in Facebook under Apps. Report Content. They have retired boosting for certain types of posts because their data has shown that it often costs far more than other kinds of posts, to achieve far less in end results. These comments just can be seen by page admins and the users themselves. Users tend to get blocked or banned by the social networking site if content they post receives 10 or more complaints of abusiveness or inappropriateness by various members. Welcome to our new and improved comments, which are for subscribers only. So we built a website , after which we resubmitted the documents, but there has been no answer for weeks. Even if Facebook copied and pasted their instructions for all of their other boost post issues – generally just “create a new post” instructions – doesn’t mean that you are able to steal content without being punished. The last two are not official page roles; the majority of your audience are users, and those you have banned from your page are banned. Sometimes, something goes wrong, and your ability to run ads is diminished or stopped completely. In the case of a live video, you will need to take the video as it is streamed and save it locally, then upload the archived video and boost that. As a Facebook group admin, you may see the names of people who have posted in your group appear in different shades to help you identify their status. Find the post you want to boost and hover over Boost Unavailable. Question: Q: Some Contacts grayed out and can't send Imessage even to other Iphone users After the last update a lot of my contacts are grayed out and can't send text or … But if it's still happening you might want to update your browser to a newer version or try accessing Facebook from a different browser, such as Google Chrome for Mac or Opera for Mac. You cannot boost the shared version; you must boost the original version. You do not need a Facebook profile to participate. Do not steal the content of another brand and boost it as though it’s your own content. Contact Eyal Goldshmid at, Read or Share this story: That feeling, of course, is reserved for paid ads. So if that was the case, then it would explain why you saw the Mac color wheel spinning indefinitely when you tried to posts or comment. When they receive calls from some specific persons, they can call them back. Please be polite. I do not recommend this, because it is content theft, plagiarism, and highly immoral. You can see it under the “shared posts can’t be boosted” subheading in this article. This does include shares of your own posts. 0 Kudos Highlighted. First, you can only boost posts that you made as your page. One has a mix of photos and a video, and one only has photos but no emojis and no mention of FB. By grayed out, I mean that the edit button is … The second one is that you have spam filters in place, and so whenever you comment, it triggers the spam filter and hides your comment, allowing only you to see it. If you want to boost posts from a page that is not published, you will need to publish the page. Real people; no bots, no faking. Facebook demands that posts you boost be normal page posts that can then lead to page engagement; cover images and cover videos do not meet this criteria. Certain other kinds of posts, such as offers, can expire as well, when the offer runs out or the date for the offer ends. I recently posted a video for Women’s day and it contained different pictures that kind of violated the community rules, I didn’t intend to post it i just mixed it up somehow. It’s a competition, but I have adhered to the FB rules (eg. Why are some people's names grayed out on Facebook? This is one of the many perks of being a verified account. A Facebook Click ID is a string of characters that are added to a link or URL when a user clicks on it from Facebook. Select Request Review. For now, the only way around this I have found, is to export the file through Lightroom, then do the editing, apply and send it back to Lightroom for sizing and export. What kind of post was it; a video, photo, link, or text post? Go to Solution. level 2 This is a test to see whether we can improve the experience for you. I've reached out to Facebook for help on both matters and have not been able to get a response from them. These belong to people … 18,588 total views, 55 views today Sometimes, we may notice that edit user permission is greyed out in the SharePoint Online document library, list, or site permission page – even though you are in the “Site Owners” group.
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