Allwood handles the costco customers directly as mentioned in several posts above. My first "experience" with one of these shops was on the phone. 6 Square cabinets is the most like competition to All Wood. Shipping is guaranteed within 10 days of ordering. A lot depends on the size and shape of your kitchen and the total linear feet of cabinets needed. (I will tell about that on another post.). The trade off is you do not get to pick the stain color. The soft close drawers are very nice. They are a small privately owned company and I'm so thrilled with their product that I've opened a small showroom featuring their cabinets. I would develop a short list and go around to 6-8 retailers, Design Build co's etc and ask the same questions. But that's the way I learned about cabinets. How much kitchen cabinets should cost. Our cost as independents is 50% less then costco because all wood pays for all merchandising and designs produced by all wood employees in Florida. For example, if you want a spice shelf, wicker basket, pull-out (I have all these), you have to buy them from a company like rev-a-shelf and put them in (I did all that)(5) The price is VERY reasonable . I have been able to match the price of volume deals in cabinets to beat out Reico selling Merilat cabinets to a 300 unit apartment complex and offer a lifetime warrantee on the cabinets used as well as give painted maple at the price of maple stain in Merilat. When you say "you trust Costco's Quality" I assume you mean their reputation as a retailer because that is both what they are and what they do. There are, however, some shopping advantages to buying from Costco. Great Outdoor Kitchen With the desire to spend more quality time outdoors, WeatherStrong Outdoor Cabinetry is designed with your lifestyle in mind. Did it authority an added blade back aggregation came over?My own kitchen table was a… I will say that the finish of my Armstrong and Kraftmaid doors held up very much better to the abuse of my trunk than the all wood doors from Costco. When it is all complete you verify the prints and order product but the manufacturer takes the risk for the designer (so they pad the pricing they give to cover the risk) and you take the risk that you gave all of the information you should have. Costco cabinets are well constructed and sell for a price that is fully competitive with other retailers of preassembled cabinets. Basic cabinets (top and bottom) for a 10x12-foot kitchen … Check out all the stores. We have a small kitchen and don't want to spend a fortune on kitchen cabinets… Within a few days you will start developing 2-3 favorites and I would start the planning and quoting process there. Again the product is made over seas. I have not taken the time to figure out how much they go up from the price they pay all wood when they have an order. Find quality brand-name products at warehouse prices. Note: You have left the website and are entering the Cabinet website for Costco members sponsored by In retrospect, I don't think the price I got on the Kraftmaids from my independent dealer was better than the price of big box stores when they were having a sale. All of the rest of your questions have so many variables that they really require a trusted professional to weigh your budget, style preferences and construction considerations but if you follow the advice above you should have a good start to finding just such a person. Ask questions. Close your eyes and put yourself there. Answer: (well, my answer anyway), I was SURE it would be way more expensive. I think you hit on the core of my frustration as a professional in this business. Fully custom kitchen cabinets cost $500 to $1,200 per linear foot with most homeowners spending $12,500 to $18,100. Plywood Box Construction, Solid Wood Doors and Drawers, Mini Door Swatch Available. Find big savings by browsing online at today! Get Email Offers. Hi, I have recently renovated an entire kitchen with All wood Costco kitchen cabinets. OK, maybe not, but a lot. Like I said, I ended up going with the DEALER, so I did not go thru Costco, although it's the exact same cabinets. Real estate experts advise that one of the best renovations that you can do to improve the resale value of your home is a kitchen … Called to obtain an estimate for new kitchen cabinets from Costco. A different on-line retailer offered virtually the same sample kitchen in RTA cabinets for $2,285, also with free shipping. Allwood is stock cabinet company with not choice in stain color and you are willing to pay the same price for it as woodmark or shennadoah at Lowes or Home Depot? Has anyone ordered from them? spent a solid hour. If you find one, talk to the person. All wood stocks the products in Florida and ships them out within 10 days of order. Did it authority an added blade back aggregation came over?My own kitchen … The cabinets I chose were Nantucket Polar White. I got an estimate from a company called AllWoodFast through Costco, and I put in an identical kitchen … All Wood Cabinetry/Costco These kitchen cabinets are from Costco and are made by Florida-based All Wood Cabinetry, Inc. Costco has maintained this relationship with AWC for many years, and its … anyone use oak cabinets anymore? I told him, since it was from Costco it was probably a very good value, and Id think about it. They are beautiful. Anyway, all in all - I'm very happy with my experience. For many well-known brand products, such comparison shopping is easy, but it is much more difficult with items like cabinetry. Aristokraft has Contractors Choice cabients in the Mid Atlantic with independent dealers. Otherwise you are a fool. I found for example Kraftmaid didn't have it, I would have to go to Ultracraft or other more "European" lines, but often these are not all wood.) Foremost - Custom Designed Kitchen Cabinets Fully Assembled Cabinets, ¾ in. Further, Costco prices include all shipping and handling costs, which often must be added separately when you buy directly from AWC (or almost all online retailers of cabinets). My advice for anyone doing this is to move quickly to a trial order vs. working endlessly on the design. Stock or builder’s-grade construction comes … So, I'm thinking that the price they quote you might actually be negotiable. Hello!!!! I give a detailed description on my blog and here is the link. All Wood Cabinets (AWC), based in Florida, is an independent cabinetry company that makes two lines that are proprietary to Costco: the Metropolitan line, and the Semi-Custom line. The deal you will get is probably better than the Costco price. Building the kitchen with kitchen cabinets from Costco … 25% off what?? To say that a KCMA certified cabinet made over seas is more likely to be made of poor quality materials over a KCMA cabinet made in the USA is just plain stupid. Costco offers three cabinet lines manufactured by its two fabrication partners. Has anyone had experience with acoustical fabric cabinet panels? Shop Custom Kitchen Cabinets - Willow Lane Cabinetry Menu But the level of service and knowledge was way better than HD. I would put up a picture later when the countertop is in, should be in a couple of days.My installer/dealer put in 2 "custom" cabs in the corner--I purchase just the door/frame and he basically made the "box" for the odd-size corner. If you do you have no leverage left if the retailer doesnÂt come through. For you to suggest that becasue Chinese drywall has had issues and equate that to cabinets means you have to throw out every KCMA certified cabinet as not being safe. Anyone any experience with Adornus RTA cabinets? Note: You have left the website and are entering the Cabinet website for Costco members sponsored by has prepared this site to provide information and estimates for Costco members. The quality isn't as nice as my kitchen cabinets, but will do just fine. The trade off is the price on the product is higher to costco. Stock cabinets come pre-made in specific styles, shapes and finishes. You'll still have to sift through all that info, and not all of it will be good. (2) They have all the "upgrades", soft closure, full extension, dovetail construction, plywood. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. Pounding rain, hot summers, and cold snowy winters are no problem. I can mark that same cabinet company up 50% and be about even with shennandoah and woodmark. Lots of little things can come up during installation, my old house has some partition walls that are not exactly straight, so my dealer/installer put in tiny strips of filler. They are actually very nice with a reddish hue, you can look @ some of my earlier threads and you can see a pic. I was able to price out the cabinets I needed plus they were on sale and as a Costco member I got an … In fact, that is the name of the company that contracts out to Costco: All Wood Cabinetry. You should not be paying as much for a stock cabinet line as a semi custom. Then you can get a true concept of the cost, cabinet … reviewed my measurements and due to a limited time promotion, it would only be $50,000.00 for the cabinets. First, this can be all-wood cabinetry. Your final installation cost depends on the materials chosen and the size of your kitchen. We then turned to a small kitchen cabinet dealership and they carry the J&K brand and a package (cabinets, counter, installation) of 1/2 the cost. I would sell Allwood at exactly 50% mark up and be happy all day long. These often require an upcharge if you go with a national brand (Kraftmaid, etc) They are very good quality. Fantasy Silver, Fantasy River, Portinari. Construction methods are similar to those used for Costco's other cabinet lines, but the full-custom line offers a whopping 500,000 different options when various door styles, wood species, and stain colors are factored in. Is this Rohl faucet unlacquered brass or their Tuscan Brass finish? Stigmatisms are just that. Without monthly promotions factored in the price before promtional discount is 100% mark up! There's also a range of Kitchen Taps and Bins for those last finishing touches. I am sure they are made over seas as well. Costco cabinets are manufactured by two different firms. Building the kitchen with kitchen cabinets from Costco purchased online. Our cabinets are manufactured in the U.S.A. with a 3⁄4" All‑Weatherboard™ composite material to stand up to the harsh elements Mother Nature can send your way. Thanks! Way to many people have poor points of views that are not accurate with reality. AWC is owned by Ideal Cabinetry, Inc. Some ARE more expensive, some are not. Kitchen cabinets: Costco (AllWoodFast) vs IKEA I am redoing my kitchen and need to select cabinets. And of course, come here and ask questions too. Called to obtain an estimate for new kitchen cabinets from Costco. What did the chairs feel like? Brandom Kabinart and Door Components are the least expensive semi custom cabinet lines I have found as dealer to date. They are laughing at you all the way to the bank. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brands products delivered to your door. what else? Note: You have left the website and are entering the Cabinet website for Costco members sponsored by Honestly Costco is a rip off or any other dealer selling it at the price of costco. These kitchen cabinets are from Costco and are made by Florida-based All Wood Cabinetry, Inc. Costco has maintained this relationship with AWC for many years, and its products consistently receive high marks for customer satisfaction. (I have worked with both moderate and high end cabinets and often refer to myself as a "cabinet snob"). You will not, however, save a lot of money, and if you are not already a Costco member, it's probably not worth buying a membership simply for their kitchen cabinets. Costco has no risk!One more thing on this point. It was my first time buying kitchen cabinets online and it worked out very well. These cabinets will ship in six to eight weeks for basic overlay door styles or 12 weeks for inset panel door styles. They have a 25% off promotion and the price point and design is very appealing. I just used them for a small order for my bathroom. Get Email Offers. I have some of the least expensive brands around to offer to my customers. why people seem afraid to go to an independant/ local showroom/specialist. Im still thinking about why they wasted my time. Based on my experience and what I've read here of others' experiences, I would not buy cabinets from anywhere BUT a small independent shop. Shop with Costco to find the best deals on high-quality storage & organization products for your kitchen. Cost Of Kitchen Cabinets Per Linear Foot The average cost of stock kitchen cabinets is $100 to $280 per linear foot, semi-custom cabinets run $200 to $550 per linear foot, and fully custom cabinets cost $500 to $1,200 per linear foot. The average cost of kitchen cabinets is $160 and $380 per linear foot for stock or semi-custom styles, with most homeowners spending between $3,200 to $8,500 for installation and materials. I actually went to look @ real cabs. You pay higher prices for more choices. What features can I use to compare quality of the cabinets (material, hardware, etc.) All Wood Cabinets does make other product lines available from other retailers, including directly from the AWC web site, but these two product lines are sold only at Costco.