Foods that you can pack in a cooler are: yogurt, veggies, brown rice, quinoa, whey protein, avocado, cottage cheese, peanut butter. When you look at a soccer player, a lot of them look kind of small. Even sports drinks will do in this case. These healthy foods help the muscles recover from of your hard workouts. Advice for Soccer Players’ Pre-Game Snack – What to Eat to Top Off: Soccer players can have a snack 1-2 hours before the event to top off your fuel stores. There is no need to drink more than that. The publication “F-MARC Nutrition for Football,” published by FIFA, the governing body of soccer, collects practical information on eating and drinking for soccer players. Athletes should be drinking twice this amount, especially older players. Before a soccer game, you need to consume a large quantity of carbohydrates, a moderate amount of protein and a low amount of fat. Consider the different foods you should consume during your the days leading to … Whether you are a player who has gone through it a thousand times or a soccer mom, the pre-game check is extremely important. Don’t forget to tell your friends these soccer player eating tips before and after games. There is what we call a pre-game meal and then there is a pre-game snack. The normal ones, not the Moons and Stars". The thing about sports drink is you don’t want to drink too much. What stuck out to me most was the timing of when we would eat. To rehydrate appropriately individuals should also replace electrolytes lost during activity. When English soccer player Wayne Rooney, another one of the highest-paid soccer players in the world, played alongside Ronaldo for Manchester United, he noticed a ritual Ronaldo had before games. If you live in the hotter climates like the southern United States, most of South America, Africa, Southeast Asia you will need to drink extra fluids. This includes focusing on what to eat before a soccer game. wild game, fresh fish, free-range meats) the day before a game can benefit your explosive power. Once a player is substituted off they cannot play again in the match. 60 Minutes Before Game Time “Focus on quick-digesting snacks,” says Turner. Finding Your Sanctuary If you're playing a full 90 minutes rather than five-a-side, this would be a wise move. Soccer is one of most physically demanding of all sports. The ultimate game day nutrition preparation. The meal for high school, college or pro is 5 hours before the game starts. The biggest key here is to not overwork yourself the day before a match, do a low number of reps and sets. Long gone are the days when players will drink a soda and eat a pie before training or a match. If you can't wolf a meal down immediately post-match, a whey protein shake or pint of flavoured milk will still tick all the boxes. ", Inside Britain's first vegan football club | Forest Green Rovers, "Look to consume around 20-30g of high quality protein (rich in essential amino acids) to optimise the muscle building process. Without adequate, balanced nutrition, you won’t have enough energy to play your best. by Jeff Natt . Long gone are the days when players would wolf down fish and chips with a few pints of lager post-training. Last year my wife got me one of those big water jugs that all the youth players have. These soccer player eating tips before and after games are exciting and encouraged health. Waiting till the day of the game is too late and no matter what or how much you drink it might be too late. You might read that some people recommend eating 30 mins before a workout, but just know that these people did not play pro soccer. Being a soccer player requires lots of running and physical fitness.

what do pro soccer players eat before a game

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