South Carolina and Georgia furnish the broadest and most typical section of this important physiographic province: here the more sandy and hilly interior parts are largely occupied by pine forests, which furnish much hard or yellow pine lumber, tar and turpentine. In other cases the tail is of the short curling type of that of a bulldog; sometimes it starts quite straight, but divides in a fork-like manner near the tip; and in yet other instances it is altogether wanting, as in the typical Manx cats. For many years, indeed, he came to represent to ordinary Englishmen the typical or ideal professor of physics. Both Ed and Princess were a red-brown color with white speckles on their haunches – typical Appaloosas. Theoretically, no doubt, this is correct, but the typical members of the two groups are so different from one another that, as a matter of convenience, the retention of the two families seems advisable. The "red room" was the meeting-place in a small cafe in Stockholm of a society of needy journalists and artists, whose failure and despair are shown off against the prosperity of a typical bourgeois couple. Britain is fairly typical of the west European district. His style in it, as elsewhere, is in striking contrast to that of the typical classical scholar, and accords with his conviction that the true aim of scholarship is "that which is.". The rest gave a typical and more or less wide-spread coagulation. a), the latter being, perhaps, the most typical. A typical example of a belted coastal plain is found in Alabama and the adjacent part of Mississippi. While he was criticized by the friends of Civil Service Reform for not going far enough during his presidency to protect the encroachments of those who desire to have the offices distributed as political rewards or for partisan ends, such specific acts as his transference to the classified service of all fourth-class postmasters east of the Mississippi and north of the Ohio rivers, his insistence upon a thorough investigation of the scandals in the Post Office department, and his order forbidding federal employes to use their offices for political purposes in the campaign of 1908 are typical of his vigorous support of the merit system. ... 64. The most typical case in this respect is the effect of a solvent on the absorption spectrum of a solution. Typical dipterous insects (flies) closely resemble in general form aculeate Hymenoptera belonging to the families of bees and wasps. Golitsuin was a typical representative of Russian society of the end of the 17th century in its transition from barbarism to civilization. Hydro- statical principles can be applied to density determinations in four typical ways: (I) depending upon the fact that the heights of liquid columns supported by the same pressure vary inversely as the densities of the liquids; (2) depending upon the fact that a body which sinks in a liquid loses a weight equal to the weight of liquid which it displaces; (3) depending on the fact that a body remains suspended, neither floating nor sinking, in a liquid of exactly the same density; (4) depending on the fact that a floating body is immersed to such an extent that the weight of the fluid displaced equals the weight of the body. They do not represent the opinions of Achilles is a typical Greek hero; handsome, brave, celebrated for his fleetness of foot, prone to excess of wrath and grief, at the same time he is compassionate, hospitable, full of affection for his mother and respect for the gods. They are the starfish proper, and have the typical genus Asterias. The flora is typical of a region of scanty rainfall. What does a typical Japanese meal consist of? 2. The result is that the typical female form is almost straight, in contrast to the narrow waists and curves of the 1950s woman. (just, absolutely) Used with verbs: " Her behavior is very typical of a four-year old child. The northern Doris, for example, spoke Aeolic, while Elis, Phocis, and many non-Dorian districts of north-west Greece spoke dialects akin to Doric. It is typical of Philip's character and career that he should die thus, in an expedition undertaken against the interests of his kingdom, at the instigation of his ambitious uncle. The molars are partially selenodont in the typical genus Anthracotherium, with five cusps, or columns, on the crowns of those of the upper jaw, which are nearly square. The two kinds of persons present in the typical Hydroidea make the classification of the group extremely difficult, for reasons explained above. ): Entomophthoraceae. In the dry and more typical state it is most frequently white or whitish, and almost as often greyish or greyish glaucous. We discovered her when she proved unaffected by one of our typical talents. Nothing is known with certainty as to the origin of the vast majority of breeds of dogs, and it is an unfortunate fact that the progressive changes which have been made within comparatively recent times by fanciers have not been accurately recorded by the preservation, in museums or collections, of the actual specimens considered typical at different dates. I (6), ax) are the typical pedal ganglia; they are joined to the cerebropleural ganglia by connectives. ‘Typical of the breed was Sawyer, who spent four years at Strathclyde in the 1980s.’ ‘He spoke in an unfeasibly low voice, with the lyrical and laconic speech so typical of the Jamaicans.’ ‘That's typical of Irish folks' ability to turn a plain sentence or phrase into poetry, song or satire.’ The following is a typical analysis of high quality bottle-glass: S102, 69.15%; Na 2 0, 13.00%; CaO, 15.00%; Al 2 0 3, 2.20%; and Fe 2 0 3, 0.65%. 19, B, a) and connected in front of it by a commissure, are the representatives of the cerebral and pleural ganglia of the typical Mollusc, which are not here differentiated as they are in Gastropods. Home. Information as to the internal structure of a typical orthopteron - the cockroach - will be found under Hexapoda. Looking for sentences and phrases with the word typical? In female Hymenoptera the typical insectan. typical. The tenth abdominal segment carries a pair of jointed cerci which are often elongate, and the feelers are always long, while the jaws are usually feeble and membranous, though the typical parts of a mandibulate mouth are present - mandibles, maxillae with inner and outer lobes and palps, and second maxillae (labium) whose lacinae are not fused to form a ligula. The great order of Ungulata is represented by various forms of sheep, as many as ten or twelve wild species of Ovis being met with in the mountain chains of Asia; and more sparingly by several peculiar forms of antelope, such as the saiga (Saiga tatarica), and the Gazella gutturosa, or yellow sheep. The typical rats and mice, together with their nearest relatives, constitute the sub-family Murinae, which is represented by more than three hundred species, distributed over the whole of the Old World except Madagascar. … and we’ll take it from there – this English sentence ending is used to indicate that the discussion is g… Here's a list of the sites that I'm currently working on: pixel art maker is a website that allows you to make pixel art with a very simple interface. The process of sheet-glass manufacture described above is typical of that in use in a large number of works, but many modifications are to be found, particularly in the furnaces in which the glass is melted. What may be called typical, that is to say arboreal, squirrels are found throughout the greater part of the tropical and temperate regions of both hemispheres, although they are absent both from Madagascar and Australasia. Spamster 1 2218086 You're average students. Typical animals are holozoic, that is, they obtain their food by eating the tissues of other animals and plants: they take their food substances in the organized forms of proteids, fats and carbohydrates. 704. The typical speeches in Chronicles are of little value for the periods to which they relate, and where they are inconsistent with the evidence from earlier writings or contain inherent improbabilities are scarcely of historical worth. The "foxy red" colouring of the typical race of north-western Europe is too well known to require description. Two races of the American bison have been distinguished - the typical prairie form, and the woodland race, B. An example of something that would be described as typical is your typical boring day at work where you do the same things you do every other day. The tundra is the coldest biome described in typical geography and biology textbooks. This Austrian reformation was so typical of other changes elsewhere, and so expressive of the previous disabilities of the Jews, that, even in this rapid summary, space must be spared for some of the details supplied by Graetz. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Bates offered no satisfactory explanation of the resemblance between these two genera and others of the same protected sub-families; but he did not hesitate to ascribe the resemblance to them presented by the Pierine, Dismorphia (Leptalis) orise, to mimicry, believing Dismorphia to be unprotected and noting that it departed widely in the matter of coloration from typical members of the sub-family to which it belongs. 2249281 It's so typical. It will be seen from these particulars - which are typical of what has happened not only on other British railways, but also on those of other countries - that much more space has to be provided and more weight hauled for each passenger than was formerly the case. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adverbs: " It's very typical of John to not show up. The contempt of aesthetics and erudition is characteristic of the most typical members of what is known as the Cartesian school, especially Malebranche. 70. Chimpanzees exhibit great docility in confinement, where, however, they seldom survive for any great length of time. Though it's like your typical take out pizza place, you can certainly sit in and eat. Here are narrow streets typical of the medieval mercantile town, though modern improvements have destroyed some of them; and there are a few ancient houses. Of the extinct North American peccaries, the typical Dicotyles occur in the Pliocene while the Miocene Bothriolabis, which has tusks of the peccary type, approximates in the structure of its cheek-teeth to the European Miocene genus among the Suinae. A covenant by the lessor, limited to his own acts and those of persons claiming under or through him, for the "quiet enjoyment" by the lessee of the demised premises, and covenants by the lessee to pay rent, to pay taxes, except such as fall upon the landlord, to keep the premises in repair, and to allow the landlord to enter and view the condition of the premises may be taken as typical instances of " usual " covenants. The typical lemurs include species like Lemur mongoz and L. In the more typical Lemuridae there are two pairs of upper incisor teeth, separated by a gap in the middle line; the premolars may be either two or three, but the molars, as in the lower jaw, are always three on each side. Loaded with pastry, he was soon headed off to the park with his typical youthful enthusiasm. In making up a charge, the ores and fluxes, whose chemical compositions have been determined, are mixed so as to form out of the components, not to be reduced to the metallic or sulphide state, typical slags (silicates of ferrous and calcium oxides, incidentally of aluminium oxide, which have been found to do successful work). The typical Japanese of the present day has certain marked physical peculiarities. It differs from typical rats of the genus Mus by its broader incisors, and the less distinct cusps on the molars. A good example of a fairly typical case is afforded by Heterodera schachtii, which attacks beetroot and causes great loss to the Continental sugar manufacturers. Swift 1 1093468 Tom is just an average-looking guy. This has been a typical day for me - with the exception of a nice evening out. Take, for instance, the typical and highly instructive case of Zebrzydowski's rebellion. The life of Martineau was so essentially the life of the thinker, and was so typical of the century in which he lived and the society within which he moved, that he can be better understood through his spoken mind than through his outward history. The chiru, which belongs to the typical or antilopine section of antelopes, is probably allied to the saiga. Typical examples of "piety" are Aeneas and Antoninus Pius, who founded games called Eusebeia at Puteoli in honour of Hadrian. Floral diagram of typical orchid flower; 1, labellum; a, anther; s, rudiments of barren stamens (staminodes). 180. Duplicate Subjects. Still larger are the elands, of which the typical Taurotragus oryx of the Cape is uniformly sandycoloured, although stripes appear in the more northern T. In size and several structural features it approximates to the more typical Cervicaprinae, as represented by the reedbuck (Cervicapra), and the waterbucks and kobs (Cobus or Kobus), all of which are likewise African. 71. VII, Usually considered to be the tergum of the genital somite, but suggested by Pocock to be that of the other [According to the system of numbering explained in the text, if VII is the tergum of the praegenital somite (as is probable) it should be labelled Prg without any number, and the somites VIII to XIII should be lettered 1 to 6, indicating that they are the six normal somites of the mesosoma; whilst XV to XVIII should be replaced by the numbers 7 to 12 - an additional suppressed segment (making up the typical six) being reckoned to the metasomatic fusion.] This has been a typical day for me - with the exception of a nice evening out. Prejudice is a typical human attribute which we all must work to overcome. At 43 words, comprehension drops to less than 10%. The climate of Seattle is typical of the West Coast. 4. Today, most life sentences are normally given for murder. The flora of North Dakota is typical of a semi-arid country. When the middle and hinder regions of the blastopore are closing in, an equatorial ridge of ciliated cells is formed, converting the embryo into a typical trochosphere.

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