With Trex, you shouldn’t have to worry about fading for 25 years thanks to their fade & stain warranty. Please contact www.hbsslaw.com Also, for the flaking and warping issues, Trex acknowledged there was an issue… If you look on the Internet, you'll read a lot about past problems with Trex and other composite wood brands. If the boards are dual-sided or reversible, you can simply flip one over. I did a huge Trex Accents deck too in Barrie north of Toronto Ontario. It is not nearly as simple to fix as wooden decking. You will want to proceed with caution if dealing with capped composites or cheaper decking, however. Going back to 2004, when a Class Action Suit was filed in N.J. by four homeowners arguing Trex was a defective product ("spotting" and mold among those defects, btw) and that Trex didn't abide by its own guarantee: "No need for any sealant or maintenance other than regular hosing." Much better products on the market. This is common in wood decks as well and can be reversed with a deck brightener product such as Corte Clean. We bought our Trex deck in 2005 - and are now kicking ourselves for doing the research too early (spring 2004) or not diligently enough and can't believe we missed all the mold issues online. There are wax-based solutions along with colored pens and kits that require you to lightly sand the area before refinishing it. A group of plaintiffs seeking class action status have filed a lawsuit against decking manufacturer Fiberon over its Portico wood composite line. I was sold on the "maintenance free" decking. We have Trex around our pool so of course it gets wet but it is also a sunny area so dries quickly. Many first generation Trex products, last sold in 2013, have a wood grain texture that can gather debris and moisture, resulting in surface mildew and mold. More from JLC. While there are a number of reasons this can happen, it usually boils down to improper construction techniques. For $8.25 million plus attorneys’ fees, Trex is putting a national class action lawsuit in its rear-view mirror. At least I found this out before we went ahead and put another deck in our backyard. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Installed Trex about 9 years ago as a no/low maintenance replacement for wood. Composite Decking Reviews: Brands, Colors and Cost, How to Install Trex Decking | Composites Installation, Removing Snow or Ice from Composite Decking, Armstrong Ceiling Tiles Reviews and Cost 2020, Metal Ceiling Tiles Reviews and Cost 2020, Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles Reviews and Cost 2020, Acoustical Ceiling Tiles Reviews and Cost 2020, PVC, Vinyl, and Plastic Ceiling Tiles Review and Cost 2020, Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles Reviews and Cost 2020. If there is a deep crack or any damage that could be structural in nature, you will want to replace the board. During filming. Photo must be in JPG, GIF or PNG format and less than 5MB. If you have decking boards that are damaged, not scratched, you typically have to options with composite decking. Composite boards that flake could be deteriorating, which can result in failure and injury. Basically, they reveal why any present complaints to Trex re spotting issues will fall on deaf ears. … Start-up problems in Virginia for a new line of composite decking and equipment failures at a manufacturing plant in Nevada cost Trex Co. Inc. about $10 million in the first quarter. Trex Warranty Claims Information. Fire goes out after 20 to 60 minutes pilot stays lit, Looking for PERGO Laminate Visconti Walnut planks. Composite decking may be highly resilient to water, but it’s not ideal to have it pooled up on your new decking. Moisture-resistance doesn’t stop mold. Many Trex products have a simulated wood grain texture which can gather debris and moisture, resulting in surface mildew and mold. This can be helped with a deck brightening product such as Pour-N-Restore, which … This is one of the topics we get asked about the most and something that is easy to fix. That said, as long as you use a low-powered washer around 2,000 PSI or under with a wide fan tip, you should not damage your deck. No mold to speak of, just flaking off. Trex recommends cleaning decking twice a year (spring and fall are good examples). For composite decking without the mold issues that plagued earlier products, Trex is showing off its latest line, Trex Select, at the International Builders' Show in Las Vegas. How Do You Remove Grease from Trex Decking? If you have to use a shovel to clear snow from your deck, only use a plastic shovel. The mold seems to grow heavily not just on the surface, but inside the rough texture of uncapped decking. Copyright © 2020 Acton Media Inc. All rights reserved. Mold & Mildew Problems With Trex Decking. From chewing gum and tar to suntan lotion or ketchup, most of these messes can be cleaned up quickly with the right tools. Instead of designing a whole new mold for the male, additions were made to the original epoxy of the Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus mold in order to cast the new skull. Unfortunately, this is one issue where there is no quick and easy fix. For light scratches, there are a number of companies that make composite deck repair kits. Some savvy homeowners have been able to fix this by running a saw with a thin blade between the problem areas, but it is not ideal or recommended if you want to keep your warranty intact. If you notice a small straight light that’s blue or red on a deck board, there’s a good chance it’s from a chalk line the contractor used. Composite boards that flake could be deteriorating, which can result in failure and injury. Spray deck with soap, then follow by gently scrubbing each deck board with a soft bristle brush. Plastic Trough at Amazon.com. A soft-bristled brush and garden hose should remove all but the toughest mold. If you are considering adding a new deck onto your home, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Well, the same thing can happen with composite decking if you live in a dry area, and the conditions are just right. Visit your home center paint department and ask for deck brightener. If you notice you composite decking flaking or cracking, contact … Have you ever walked across a carpet and received a small shock after touching a metal surface? Subscribe. Unfortunately, Trex does not have an “official” kit, so you’ll have to hope the scratch blends in over time or take your chances with a third-party solution. I have seen a lot of info on the Internet that the problem is pervasive and it appears that Trex is not accepting responsibility for the problem. While highly resistant, there are a number of substances that can temporarily leave stains on composite decking. This actually brings up two good side points; With virtually every product covered by our 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty, you can rest assured that your backyard investment is well protected. Apparently, these problems w/Trex aren't anything new. However, in recent years Trex decking has battled lawsuits concerning issues with the decking. Consumer complaints focused on mold and color fade. Win a home water heater from A. O. Smith! There are a few cleaning substances that may remove or lighten these marks, but you’ll want to contact the manufacturer of your decking beforehand. Tougher stains from barbecue grills, tree sap, mold, mildew and algae may need more powerful powdered oxygen bleach you mix with water. As for ice, different companies recommend various products, but calcium chloride and rock salt are safe to use with Trex composite deck boards. Mold does not damage Trex and will cause no structural harm if allowed to propagate. Leaves are easy to remove with a blower or broom, but they can leave tannins behind if you don’t move quickly enough. Mold: Mold was a big issue with TREX before as I mentioned which also allowed for rot other issues. I also mentioned that when I purchased TREX ACCENT decking in 2007, I was not given any form of warranty and never told about Mold issues or so called "low maintenance" decking. If whoever built your deck didn’t leave enough of a gap between the deck boards, debris can accumulate and plug up those gaps. If you ever spill grease, oil or food on your deck, clean it up immediately. Pat Robinson. Copyright © 2020 Flooringclarity.com All Rights Reserved. We put a Trex deck in just going on two years now and 90% of the boards are crumbling/rotting. According to all of the reveiws that I read, I can look forward to flaking after a number of cleanings. It's also advised not to pressure wash it as the force of the water will only deeper impregnate mold into the product. Spray/rinse each individual deck board using a fan tip no closer than 8-in (203 mm) from the decking surface. One surprising substance that’s not so easy to clean comes from a chalk line, a tool that’s used to build composite decking. Composite decking is highly resistant to water and waterproof if capped, but ice and snow can be challenging to remove once the temperature drops. Despite what manufacturers would lead you to believe, composite decking can indeed get moldy, although it’s simple to clean. Definitely would not recommend Trex for anyone looking for … In this guide, we are going to discuss some of the more common problems homeowners have had with Trex decking and how to solve them. The Lost World: Jurassic Park. On the other hand, Azek is made of entirely PVC, which is not a natural material. Within a year or so began fading. Trex Settles Mold Lawsuit. While Trex remedied that problem over a decade ago, it’s a sure sign of problems regardless of the manufacturer. To make a claim online for all concerns under the Trex Limited Warranty, click the Start Claim Process button below to start your claim. I clean it with the cleaner that Trex recomended and the mold is back within three weeks. Consumers have reported a number of Trex decking problems involving mold growth. Composite Trex decking, made of a combination of plastic and sawdust, is considered one of the top composite decking alternatives available. Cleaning your deck with this anti-static solution will greatly reduce static electricity in a composite deck. While it could possibly still be caused by a manufacturing issue, many companies learned from TREX’s issue & have some strict QA procedures to make sure they don’t have the same issue (even if the product is mishandled). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for TREX RainEscape Deck Drainage System 16 ft. After 4 years the black mold spot... You agree that BobVila.com may process your data in the manner described by our Privacy Policy. It seems to come on strong and takes constant effort to keep the decking clear of it, especially for a self … Tannins are one of the tougher things to remove from composite decking, but it’s possible with a little elbow grease and oxalic acid. Since the water doe How to remove Mold from Trex Transcend™ Decking. Start Claim Process File a Claim by Mail. Damaged composite decking is something most homeowners are concerned about, and for a good reason. Despite new technologies and techniques, UV rays from the sun can cause any type of deck to fade. It can be worse with certain colors or on uncapped products. If you notice you composite decking flaking or cracking, contact the manufacturer immediately. Warranty Issues Reportedly, Trex offers a 25-year limited residential warranty for this outdoor decking product. Troubleshooting Trex Decking. We have a Trex deck which we put in two years ago. There is a current lawsuit in CA for mold and mildew issues (black spots). We get mold spots all over it. A federal district court in California has given an initial OK to a settlement involving first-generation Trex decking. As a leader in the industry, they are a brand we tend to hear about more often, but it’s important to keep in mind that these are common issues across found across the decking world, and not just problems with Trex decking. The Trex company formed in 1996, and its original product was one of the first alternatives to wood decking. July 30, 2012 at 4:26 pm Stay away from Trex!!! A good warranty is the best defense against Mother Nature, and something we highly recommend looking for when considering a composite deck brand. Especially prevalent on older and uncapped composited decking, mold shows up quickly and is more difficult to eradicate than you’d expect. Issues With Composite Decking. Composite decking boards look like wood, but they're made mostly of plastic, although they have enough wood fiber to give them woodlike properties. Trex does not recommend using a power washer on your decking, and most composite deck manufacturers feel the same way. I recommend using anything but Trex. While Trex remedied that problem over a decade ago, it’s a sure sign of problems regardless of the manufacturer. Otherwise, you can try an epoxy or wax repair kit to fill in smaller chips. How to remove Mold from Trex Transcend™ Decking If debris such as pollen and dirt is allowed to remain on the deck surface, mold can feed on the biofilm. File a Claim Online. We installed a few Timbertech XLM decks last year and really liked the product. While more advanced composite is exceptionally resistant to water, this doesn’t mean that mold isn’t capable of growing. Fiberon sued over mold issues By Brae Canlen - 02/20/2018 Get great content like this right in your inbox. Advertisement. Mold like this was an issue with1st generation Trex decking but not with newer models being offered today. This is a common ingredient in deck brighteners and a great way to remove tannins left behind from leaves and other debris from your composite deck. This was a new unit, I did not use for a year B4 the 1st time. We talked about all the people having issues with TREX and the problems with the mold returning in 6-8 weeks after cleaning. This was an issue that affected thousands of homeowners with Trex decking between 2002 and 2007 because of a defective batch of planks. Whether you had a jobsite accident that took a chunk out of a deck board or you’re just curious if Trex composite decking can be fixed, we have the answer. Just did a 1 year inspection on one of them this week. Cleaning Issues) A pressure washer with no greater than 3100 psi** that has a fan attachment/adjustment and soap dispenser may be used to remove dirt or mud. Mold. Before the snow falls, trees lose their leaves, and you may find yourself spending a considerable amount of time sweeping your deck clean. A deck may get more use in the summer and spring than the fall, but unless your backyard is off-limits during the winter, ice can be an issue. Fro... Hello there, Keywords: Subject: Legal Issues. Below are some of the issues that crop up most often. Interesting comments here. Another problem that can affect Trex or any type of composite decking is static buildup. That’s partly due to the number of options available to homeowners today, but also because of installation issues and decking problems across the industry. I am currently repairing my kitchen and floor caused by water damage. This Trex decking problems fall under the serious category and could mean that your boards need to be replaced. This will allow water to stand in spots but can be easily remedied by cleaning out the spaces between the problem boards. Doing remodel trying to locate discontnued tile Any suggestions. Mold is not just an appearance issue - if left untreated and unchecked, mold problems can lead to decay and potentially cause serious safety and structural issues with the entire deck structure. The correct way to resolve mold issues with different types of decking materials varies widely. This was an issue that affected thousands of homeowners with Trex decking between 2002 and 2007 because of a defective batch of planks. Unfortunately, they can be impossible to remove depending on the type of chalk used. Over time dirt settled in, mold spots appeared, and … Trex is engineered to endure decades of foul weather and foot traffic …with the warranty coverage to prove it. If you don’t wipe up these spills within seven days, any resulting permanent stains will not be covered under the Trex stain warranty. Trex fully discloses that Trex boards, like any exterior surface, require periodic cleaning, and mold growth may occur if the necessary environmental conditions are present. The texture of the surface of the boards and the very rough surface of uncapped ends can easily hold water within its grooves. Don’t rely on semi-annual cleanings to remove grease stains from your Trex decking. Full PVC product, no mold issues. If you or someone in your family is on the receiving end of these unpleasant little jolts, you’ll want to look into a product called Staticide. That makes no difference. These products contain bleach that will brighten your deck and kill the mold spores. Trex is a much more natural material than Azek. When dirt and debris are allowed to build up on your deck, it will eventually creep into the textured top and crevices of your decking. I aviod Trex unless a customer specificly requests (demands) it. Blind screw method and they look awesome. The issue in … Same issue with the leopard spotting (mold), so the issue is still ongoing. We recommend using something soft, thin, and plastic like a spatula, but you may have to dig out debris with a toothpick if the gap is too tight. Mold does not damage Trex and will cause no structural harm if allowed to propagate. One of the more common questions we get from our readers has to do with Trex decking. "Mold and its resultant spotting", to paraphrase, "is caused by an Act of God and therefore not covered by any warrantees or guarantees by Trex". I cleaned, I tried a new tank regulator, tried moving it forward. Composite decking is often sold as a close to a waterproof material as you can get. If your deck boards aren’t gapped right, you can experience issues like this throughout the year. If debris such as pollen and dirt is allowed to remain on the deck surface, mold can feed on the biofilm. Trex has a core made of 95% recycled material which includes things like ground up plastic, sawdust, and reclaimed wood. Looking for Marazzi tile 2 x2 bronze basketwaeve, Comfort Glow Gas Logs GLD1856T. Please review the details of your warranty coverage by clicking on the View Warranties link to the left of this information. This is a composite decking problem that’s impossible to predict until a deck has been in the weather for several months, which can lead to a very expensive problem. We hope our guide helped you solve some of your Trex decking issues.

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