If they eat one deer or elk per week, that adds up to 182,000 deer and elk per year. The Game and Fish officials said that there has been more aggressive mountain lion encounters lately. In terms of numbers, the influence of mountain lions on bulls and bucks was tiny—they were just 8.5% of the total deer and elk killed by mountain lions in Colorado, and 11.4% of the total deer and elk killed by lions in Wyoming. Lions are opportunistic feeders on larger prey, including adult elk and cattle. Aggressive encounters are rare, but if anyone is hunting in lion or bear country, be aware of the precautions you can take and the right responses for the different animals and be sure to educate your kids about the topic. It had to be a mountain lion.” Case in point: It was back in 2009 that photos of a mountain lion dragging a buck it had killed surface. They feed on deer and other medium-sized and large mammals. Mountain lions are generally nocturnal and are active near dawn and dusk. In areas of low deer numbers, mountain lions may kill deer faster than deer can reproduce, thus inhibiting deer population growth. On average, a typical adult lion kills and consumes about one deer per week. Mountain Lion Kill Caught on Camera Every deer hunter that has spent any amount of time in the woods, or more appropriately around a campfire with other hunters, has heard stories related to mountain lion sightings. A mountain lion requires about 8 to 10 pounds of meat per day to survive. It was big. “Follow the tracks and my son Nate says there’s a kill, a dead deer that the lion had gotten,” Meeter said. There are at least 3500 lions in Colorado. FREER, Texas — A 143-pound mountain lion was shot by a hunter this weekend on a ranch in Freer, Texas. Generally speaking, mountain lions prefer deer. The prospect of increasing mountain lion populations in Oklahoma causes a feeling of alarm for some folks. It was only recently that we featured some dynamite pics from south-central British Columbia showing a puma killing a mule deer, but spotting a mountain lion … Research over the past 40 years with radio telemetry has found they kill from 1-3 deer per week. A substantial lion population really knocks the deer herd as we in the Western USA have discovered. The results of our preference analyses were more interesting. The lion’s diet consists of mule deer, elk, small mammals, livestock, white-tailed deer and even pets. As it turns out, the photos were real and the buck was in fact killed by a lion on a South Texas ranch. Safety and reporting. A hunter in Texas shot and killed a mountain lion on a ranch as it approached a feeder, media outlets report. This usually occurs only in situations where alternative prey keep lions in the area, and higher deer populations are not close by. Mountain Lion abilities, tracks, names, population, appearance, habitat, prey, safety, protection, endangered or threatened status.

mountain lion deer kill

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