The State of Florida developed a statewide law to protect mangroves from unnecessary removal or destruction. Requests for a permit to trim or remove mangroves should be directed to the DEP. Since mangroves provide so many benefits to humans and the environment, they have special protections. 09, 2019 Adapted to the harsh saltwater tidal environment, mangroves provide habitat and nutrients … 09, 2019 PUBLISHED 8:20 PM EDT Jul. A Class I Permit is also required for most mangrove trimming, alteration or removal. Tree Removal License Application in Broward County. Mangrove trimming is protected and permitted under sections 403.9321-403.9333 of the Florida Statutes, the 1996 Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act. Please call (727) 453-3385 for any questions. Mangrove trimming is regulated by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and local jurisdictions which have delegated authority in accordance with The 1996 Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act (403.9321 - 403.9333 F.S.). Mangroves in the Charlotte Harbor area, live in loose wet soils associated with shorelines tidally influenced bays and inland waterways and are key to a thriving harbor. Submit an electronic application via ePermits. Fisheries Queensland may determine development permit conditions for damaging, destroying or removing marine plants through application assessment and on-site inspections of the area concerned with the applicant to fully assess potential fisheries impacts. Publications: Homeowner Guidelines for Trimming Mangroves; Professional Mangrove Trimmers Registered in Pinellas County Listing Do you need to remove a tree in Broward County? Homeowners Can Now Prune, Remove Trees Without a Government Permit By Krystel Knowles Florida UPDATED 7:16 AM ET Jul. The county received delegation from the state to administer local mangrove trimming and alteration permits in 2016. • The mangroves must not be located in an area set aside for conservation, mitigation or preservation (such as through a previous permit, site plan, conservation easement, or enforcement action). Mangroves can be trimmed in a variety of ways to provide a pleasing view while protecting the health of the tree. Mangroves are protected by the State of Florida's "Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act" and the State of Florida enforces the statutes protecting Mangroves. Class I Permit. 3. If you have cut mangroves without any permit whatsoever, the state will institute an enforcement action against you. technical information about mangroves or marine plants vital to fisheries production. • No mangrove may be trimmed to less than 6 feet in height as measured from the substrate (mud). Our teams are licensed to permit and trim mangroves in the state of Florida. 14, 2019 PUBLISHED 8:20 PM ET Jul. Trimming Mangroves: To trim mangroves in Pinellas County, you must either qualify for one of the exemptions in the code or obtain a permit. Removal of mangroves is not permitted by the Town - the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection oversees mangrove protection. Make sure to submit a Tree Removal License Application. The Southeast District office contact number is 561-681-6600. There are two ways to submit the application: Fill out, print, and submit via mail the Tree Removal License Application (PDF 4 KB). I want to trim mangroves on my property. Section 24-48 of the Miami-Dade County Code requires that a Miami-Dade County Class I Permit be obtained prior to performing any work in, on, over or upon tidal waters or coastal wetlands of Miami-Dade County or of any of the municipalities located within Miami-Dade County.

mangrove removal permit

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