Also what plan they are talking about? Their friendship really shot up my list of favorite relationships because of those scenes! For this reason, I think it would have been best if Kion had remained a bachelor. Like I promise to update it twice for today. "Thanks for saving us back there Jasiri." Baboons! This is something that should not occur at weddings, if you love someone that much to marry them, marry them, if not, then keep things where they actually are. This is purely based on bond, friendship, mutual respect and team-work, and even forgiveness, something that can be a recipe for a good relationship. In Rescue in the Outlands, Kion helps Jasiri when she's facing certain doom, so clearly, it's a very strong bond. - At first, I was kinda into it, but something about it rubbed me the wrong way, and now with some info about the complete show, I'm going to just come out and tell you this in a long paragraph. but he still took the blame, which is not even good for friendships, since it is never a good thing to let the other person actively bring you down when you know you are right, even if you blame yourself. defending the borders, fixing problems, etc. In the movie she has an understanding of the Pride Lands rules. Imagine you at the age of 12 years old, you're just hanging out with your friends, but you are largely independent, footloose and fancy-free. Where is my son?! Fuli is a confident cheetah who is one of Kion's friends in the Disney Junior show The Lion Guard. 3:18. And then two lioness came in and speak to the King of the Pridelands. "as the voice came from the Priderock den. Leadership and communication skills are a good quality in relationships, but it should not be the sole backbone of one's romantic relationship, because, in moments where leadership and team-work are not a factor, you've basically got nothing. Part 1 of Kion/Fuli Ficlets; Language: English Words: 1,440 Chapters: 1/1 … The first ship's fan-base survived all 3 seasons, whilst the Kion and Jasiri shippers died off after Season 2 ended. "as Kiara started to worry because her little brother gone for the rest of the day. Kiara and Kion arguing. The third ship became canon, but people still refuse to accept that. Additionally, I agree with you that they don’t really have any “friendship” moments aside from Kion comforting her at Janna’s funeral. However, after Kio… So in the end, Kion and Fuli's relationship would not work out as good as people think they would - Fuli would not truly see Kion as anything other than a close brother-figure and Kion would not be able to see Fuli as anything but a friend, or a close assistant, especially since she has basically been her right-hand man ever since they were cubs. But Kion and Jasiri becoming official in the show would likely have been the perfect choice. Her position on the team is the Fastest. The Lion Guard Rise of Scar Playset Lion Hunt Finding Kion with Fuli and Simba with Beshte and Bunga. "Not good enough as I expected". For example, in one episode, Fuli literally disobeys Kion's orders and goes running off on her own, which nearly gets her killed by vultures {from what I heard, the original script of the episode had her get ambushed by Janja, but it was cut for being too dark}, or when Fuli claims that she'd just want to be alone and she likes it that way. After Kion becomes the leader of the Lion Guard, he appoints Fuli the position as the fastest member of the group. You are a child in this event, so of course you'd sacrifice most of your freedom for both your friends and home. FANDOM. Kion gave her a warm smile. Aug 10, 2020 - Explore Maeg's board "Adult Kion and Fuli", followed by 156 people on Pinterest. "I miss Kion"as the worriness take over Kiara now. Images of Kion in television and motion picture productions. Kion not wake up yet and his jaw are broken. Kion x Jasiri. "Calm down, my majesty. A/NA good man always keep their promise. The Faster I Go 8. Hakuna Matata 3. So him eventually coming to terms with marrying an animal who is not in his species would not be too out of character, the only thing needed is development, something that Jasiri and Kion both have in the series, romance or not.

kion vs fuli

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