Welcome to Spice Island Beauty!

Welcome to Spice Island Beauty!

SPICE ISLAND is a global luxe brand developed in 2008, with the passion to introduce Sri Lanka’s ancestral healing techniques and with the desire to approach modern day personal care in a more holistic manner.

The idea of holistic personal care reaches far beyond beauty. Spice Island takes care of your mind and spirit, making sure that you are content with your body by healing and nourishing your being. With this philosophy, you will gradually enhance that special connection that only you have with your body, appreciate everything it does for you and develop the constant sense of appreciation. The mystical secrets of Spice Island bring you the key to the isle’s most treasured rituals and practices that bring you the luxurious feeling of a happy and connected mind, body and spirit.

Our blog will bring you tips and ideas for your daily beauty rituals, and how to maintain a balanced life using secrets of ancient Ayurveda, including on what’s trending in the beauty and wellness space around the world!

Choosing your products wisely!

People around the world are getting more conscious about their personal skincare rituals. But, if people are so concerned about what they eat, shouldn’t they also worry about what they apply on themselves?? Of course, they should! After all, no one wants to look like a scarecrow after damaging their skin and hair by applying harmful chemicals, right? That’s why one needs to think carefully before your next personal care product, STOP-THINK-ASK yourself are the ingredients on this product good for me? How natural is this product? How do I know if the claims made are true and factual?

It’s always safe to consider brands that use natural ingredients as their base. Mother-nature can never go wrong. Think about our older generations – they didn’t have any chemical infused brands that kept screaming at them to ‘try me out’. Yet, they were known to be naturally beautiful, elegant and they had flawless glowing skin.  They relied on natural ingredients, herbs, spices and super-fruits to create their own homemade recipes/beauty hacks. That’s why homemade recipes, though messy have proven to give better results with minimum side effects.

So, here we list down some pointers to consider before choosing your next personal care product:

  1. How natural is it? Just like we check the calories and the ingredients in the food we buy, it’s important to check if the ingredients used in the shampoo or lotion we buy is natural. Well, to be honest – it’s hard to find brands that use 0% chemicals or synthetics, because chemicals are required to preserve the product. But having said that – it’s not entirely impossible as well.  Somethings you can consider are – what are the natural ingredients used in the product? How much of chemicals, preservatives and stabilizers have been used? The key however is to choose brands with the minimum required chemicals – just enough synthetics to keep the product fresh for some time. You might be wondering however – how am I to know all this information? Fair enough. But trust us, Google is very helpful. With a click of a button you can know exactly what ingredient are used, what the purpose is, and how good/bad it is! TRY IT – You might be surprised to know about the brands you’ve trusted for years!


  1. Are the ingredients good for me? Even with all-natural ingredients, certain products may not be good for everyone. What works for one person, may not be good for another person. Just like we get food allergies, we might be very well allergic to certain natural ingredients in products despite how lush, fresh and great the product could be. So, its important to try, test and know what works on you and what doesn’t. Identify what ingredients you have an allergic reaction to and avoid products with such ingredients. A good tip to testing new products you aren’t sure about is to generally apply a small portion of the product in rather less visible area on your body, for example if it’s a face cream, try applying a small portion of the cream behind your neck and give about 20-30 mins to see for any reactions. if there isn’t, its most likely that the product agreeable for you.


  1. What is the product shelf life? This is no rocket science! No one buys any milk products without checking the manufacturing and expiry dates. So, do the same when you buy your personal care products. Products with a shorter shelf life are considered to be more natural. Generally, products with a shelf life of 18 – 24 months maximum (1.5-2.0 years) are highly recommended as they are likely to be more natural.
  2. Feel good factor – Look out for what the brand says about its manufacturing. Does it claim to be cruelty free? Many of the popular personal care brands we know, spend a lot of money on clinical testing and sadly innocent animals are used in this process. So, it’s always good to buy and support brands that do not do any animal testing. Certain brands also source ingredients from the produce of local villagers and seek manpower from nearby villages, thereby supporting the livelihood of people who would otherwise not have a source of income. Look for these subtle cues in the brand story or communication of the company.


The more you educate yourself about making right product and brand choices – the more you contribute towards a more healthier and safer environment to live in for yourself, and for future generations.  Watch out for new trends in personal and beauty care products that are more healthier and environment friendly. The simple choices you make on a daily basis can make a difference – only if you really believe in it.



Photo by Adrian Motroc on Unsplash