Appreciating the Principles of Ayurveda

Recently, the Spice Island team engaged in a workshop to explore the essentials of Ayurveda, and to understand how its principles applies to the brand- Spice Island, and to take away key learnings which benefit each of us individually, in our day-to-day living.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, is more than a mere concept of native healing. Ayurveda is a way of life. Ayurveda teaches us that health is not defined by a laboratory report or periodical medical check-up but is a participatory process that embraces all aspects of life, taking into account our physical, mental, emotional, behavioural and circumstantial factors of each individual. Achieving a balance of these factors are required for an individual to be in vibrant health.  In essence, Ayurveda is a form of preventative health to avoid reaching the point of imbalance. It has a focus on lifestyle, diet and digestion, sleep, living in harmony with nature and her cycles, and maintaining a stress-free life as much as possible.

We are part of an eco-system

It identifies that each individual is unique and is endowed with a unique blueprint of self, known as “Prakurthi”. Ayurveda further emphasises that humans are part of an eco-system, coexisting and reacting with the key elements of the universe, namely Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.


As an expression of the interplay of elements, Ayurveda identifies 3 “Doshas” or “Mind-Body” type of each individual by their characteristics and behaviour.  These Doshas are identified as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each Dosha is made up of an interplay of two elements as described in the image. 



Identifying one’s Dosha, and its related characteristics that form the persona of a person is important to make certain lifestyle and dietary choices. Ayurveda identifies this as “Dinacaraya” or a regimen of daily activities. Some of these healthy practices include activities such as yoga, waking up early before the sunrise, drinking sufficient amounts of water, daily “Abhiyanga” or oil massage, regular exercise, meditation and avoiding certain food during specific seasonal or hormonal changes in one’s body. Being proactive to the changes in one’s environment, such as seasonal variations for example, and making specific dietary and lifestyle changes in order to balance one’s body can in the long-term enable an individual to be bestowed with a healthy disposition.

Look forward to another article from Spice Island Beauty which will talk more about these specific regimen of daily activities, and how you can apply them to your daily life in practical terms.

Ananda Wellness Australia

The workshop was conducted by renowned Ayurveda lifestyle consultant – Niveen Rajabdeen who is the founder of Ananda Wellness Australia. Ananda Wellness is wellness centre offering bespoke Ayurvedic solutions on nutrition, meal planning, lifestyle & daily routines, yoga, meditation and massage for optimal health and vitality. The team was able to get an overall understanding of the concepts and principles of Ayurveda, including how to identify doshas and to make related recommendations and product choices to customers relating it to the Spice Island brand philosophy.